Flag idea for the Viségrad States

So recently there has been a lot of comment about Europe´s new alliance of the four Viségrad States, which are Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

So I had some spare time on my hand and I came up with a flag design, representing this alliance of member states within the european union.

blue flag with white circle and four stars representing the four visegrad states
Blue flag with white inner circle displaying four stars in red, dark blue, blue and green.

The blue line represents river Danube, while each star is colored in the distincitve color of each country. The stars are placed where each capital city would roughly be located. The white circle is uniting and surrounding all 4 stars. White is also the color that is present in each national flag of the four countries. The circle is sourrounded by the blue color of the European Union and 12 golden circles. The blue background and golden circles represent the European Union.

Note: Design, Symbolism and Iconography is just a hobby of mine. I get my ideas from current events but this is not intended to be a political statement of any kind.